-Kicking Sciatica Out of the Butt- Online Course

HOPE and RELIEF from YOUR Sciatica Pain is HERE!!

Do you feel like you're a HOSTAGE...trapped in your body that is limited by pain? 

We are Helping SCIATICA sufferers all over the world, just like YOU, OVERCOME AGONY, FRUSTRATION, and HOPELESSNESS.  


This program IS for YOU IF YOU:

  • Feel FRUSTRATED by Lack of Progress in Your Condition
  • Feel OVERLOOKED by Your Dr. and Passed off With medcations
  • Are CONFUSED by the Lack of Results with your Treatment
  • Feel Like GIVING UP Every Other Day due to Pain and DEBILITATING Symptoms
  • WORRY About What WILL HAPPEN if you DO NOT Take Care of This Soon
  • FEEL Like your Life is SLIPPING AWAY
  • MISSING out on Time With Family and Friends


Meet our Instructor: DEAN VOLK, International Sciatica Expert

  I bet you're SKEPTICAL, right? Well, YOU SHOULD BE! Tina and Simon were too! All they wanted was RELIEF from the EXCRUCIATING pain, HOPE and HELP to overcome the life sucking discomfort. They were hoping to return to everyday life and experience PAIN-FREE walking, sitting and sleeping.  

Listen how Dean Volk, and Sciatica Relief Now helped them.  

Shawnda & Nick were skeptics also. Read what they said below.

"Honestly, I was very skeptical. I can tell you that Dean helped me more in less than 2 minutes than 4 months of chiropractor and then 2 doctors and 2-1/2 weeks of physical therapy! I didn't believe it could be that easy, but I was wrong. I am excited of where I might be 2 weeks from now!" 

"I am a physical therapist and have tried every exercise under the sun and was not able to get relief from my Sciatica and Back Pain! None of the conventional stuff that is used by standard therapists or chiropractors worked! I was really starting to LOSE HOPE. Was I not fixable? At times I would just HOPE that it would go away and it never did! For 5 Years I had dealt with Sciatica and Low Back Pain. In 30 minutes of working with Dean I FINALLY got the relief that I wanted and now am confident that I can play with my kids, sit, lay down, and be active again WITHOUT worrying about my Sciatica holding me back. I even learned the exact technique that Dean uses and I STILL couldn't fix myself. The problem was I wasn't doing it RIGHT. Dean helped tweak what I was doing and BOOM! INSTANT RELIEF! Thanks Dean! (I was SUPER SKEPTICAL at first and worried he couldn't help me because I had tried so much before.......but he delivered as promised!)" 

What Do YOU Get With This Online Course? 

  •  A STEP by step course, to guide you to overcoming sciatica 
  •  NEW information every 7 days for you to learn, practice and progress. 
  •  FIVE months of progressive activities to see you through Sciatica and PS. 
  •  MOST people notice significant improvement within 10 days. 
  •  ACCESS a private FB Group made up of other Online Course particpants

95+% video content with initial weeks having instructions on why we do what we do, how to do the activities/exercises properly and guidelines to all activities. We start with simple movements and stretches and then progress you into more stability activities. Throughout the course we answer FAQ and have bonus videos throughout that help you walk, sleep, move, stand up and perform normal daily activities in a more comfortable manner.


  •   Learn how to OVERCOME YOUR PAIN  
  •   Learn SIMPLE ACTIVITIES to minimize your symptoms  
  •   Be GUIDED through simple exercises that WILL help CALM YOUR SYMPTOMS  
  •   Start to HAVE HOPE about overcoming the agony of sciatica  
  •   Be AMAZED at how simple activities done right can make a huge difference  
  •   Have FEWER visits to the doctor's office  
  •   Return to your LIVING your life WITHOUT FEAR  
  •   Begin ENJOYING the simple things in life again  

YOUR Road to Recovery Starts HERE!!

  •  NO contracts for this month to month program. 
  •  Automatically renews each month, though you can cancel at anytime.
  •  NO minimum time commitment required.
  •  $69.99/month for the RELIEF YOU DESERVE 

Got Questions? We got answers! Send questions to: info@SciaticaReliefNow.net.